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Decolonial Nutrition Education

We are very excited to introduce our new program: Feeding Our Souls: Decolonial nutrition education

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Feeding Our Souls: Decolonial nutrition education

​This program will include five discussion topics:

  1. Nutrition misinformation: where will will explore diet culture, the racist origins of fatphobia and how to combat nutrition misinformation (July 30, 2022)

  2. Embracing our cultural foods (August 13, 2022)

  3. Nutrition on a budget (September 10, 2022)

  4. Healing the land: ethical foraging and the importance of community gardens (October 8, 2022)

  5. Modifying our traditional recipes (November 5, 2022)


And three food demos:

  1. cooking on a budget (August 27, 2022)

  2. plant-based eating (September 24, 2022)

  3. recipe modification (October 22, 2022)


Location: St. Paul’s Church in Charlottetown (101 Prince St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4R5)

Time: 1-3pm

These sessions will be lead by Amirah Oyesegun (@amirah_oy) who is a graduate of the UPEI Foods and Nutrition program with dietetic internship and a current Registered Dietitian Candidate.


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